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Welcome to the new ecotourist area of Batu Katak where the tribe of Karo people protects the environment and shows locals and foreigners how to live in harmony with nature.
Become part of their community for a little while and join the local guides for exciting rafting trips, Tiger Patrol or explore the secrets of the Watter cave.
It´s a unique opportunity to discover endangered fauna and flora of the National Park Gunung Leuser and get involved in its direct protection.
Help us to protect critically endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, elephants and Sumatran orangutans.


Community of Batu Katak

Our ancestors come from the ancient tribe of Karo people who inhabited the land of North Sumatra thousands of years ago. In the past our antecedents were cannibals and animists but gradually turned into Christians and Muslims.
Our village is currently inhabited by 250 people who make their living by planting caoutchouc and palm oil trees but are trying to get back to a small-scale agriculture growing fruit and vegetables. Most of our inhabitants stopped poaching few years ago. Little by little we are now setting out in the direction of nature protection and ecotourism.
We pride ourselves on being the first community in Sumatra that actively protects the ecosystem Leuser against illegal fishing and poaching in the NP Gunung Leuser.
Our community supports the protection of Sumatran tigers and cooperates with Green Life and RAW projects.

From 20.1. 2016 there is going to be open the Tiger House – educational and info centre where you can learn plenty of information about the protection of Sumatran tigers and other endangered species.
We are proud that we can show the world the beauty and significance of this feline who deserves our respect and protection. Visit Batu Katak and help us protect this incredible animal. By visiting us you will support our new way of life. Thank you!

Transport to Batu Katak

The village of Batu Katak is still not easily accessible but the journey is interesting and adventurous. You need to get from Medan or Binjai to Bohorok (in the direction of Bukit Lawang). There you will get off at the main crossroad where you will look for a big angular house and ask for Mr. Darwin. People there will help you to find your way to Batu Katak. You will have to hire a motorcycle or an open van with the driver. The journey from Bohorok to Batu Katak takes about 30 – 45 minutes. Be aware that the dirt roads might be quite rough. Once you arrive to Batu Katak ask for Green Warung where you´ll get further instructions.

If you are travelling from Bukit Lawang you can hire a car. The driver will bring you directly to Batu Katak.


This is good place for food and drink. You can order indonesian food, coffe, tea, soft drink and beer Bintang. Here you can meet Mrs Dona and local guides. Her is your first contact place in Batu katak.

Motorcycle Bohorok – Batu Katak: 50.000 Rp / person
Open car Bohorok – Batu Katak: 100.000 Rp / car
Car Bukit Lawang – Batu Katak: 150.000 Rp / car

Accommodation in Batu Katak

The village of Batu Katak and its inhabitants offers you several options of accommodation nearby the river Berkail. Please excuse possible imperfections and help us to improve.
We are trying to follow the path of ecotourism and show you the best of our nature and culture. The young people will be happy to play the guitar for you and sing the world´s biggest music hits along.


Putri bungalows
Orchid bungalows
Guest House Resto
Singarimbun bungalows


The ancestors of our community used to hunt animals in the rainforest. Our generation is aware of the need for change in the world and we want to protect our forest and animals instead. The wild nature is getting worse under the destructive influence of the mankind and we have decided to do our best to preserve it. Visit Batu Katak and we will show you extraordinary things such as the tropical rain forest, caves, rare species of plants, wild animals and crystal clear rivers.



350.000 Rp / per person / 1 day

Trekking to the Water Cave and nice rafting, include food, small water and experience guides, 4-5 hours, minimum 3 people. This trekking support local community of Batu Katak.


300.000 Rp /per person / 1 day

Trekking to Gunung Kapur, watching wildlife, gibbons, siamangs, birds and chance for wild orangutans. Include food, water and exprience guides, minimim 3 people. This trekking support local community of Batu Katak.


150.000 – 250.000 Rp / per person / day (price is about place, where is flower)

Do you want to see the highest flower on the world? Batu Katak is the best place for this experience. Big and smell! You have to inform and ask before trekking, if is flower already open. Price for watch Amorphapholus in village area is for 80.000 Rp. Include fruit snack, water and experience guides. This trekking support local community of Batu Katak.


300.000 Rp / per person / 1 day

Do you want to see the biggest flower on the world? Batu Katak has two great places for watching Rafflesia. You have to inform and ask before trekking, if is flower already open. Include food, water and experience guides. This trekking support local community of Batu Katak.



850.000 Rp / per person / 2 days

Morning start to Gunung Kapur jungle trekking for watch wildlife, gibbons and siamangs, continue adventure trekking to Water Cave, 1 night in natural camp in jungle and second day rafting on the Berkail river back to Baku Katak village. Include food, water and experience guides. This trekking support local community of Batu Katak.

Tiger trekking

Set out in the world of Sumatran tigers and explore the land of the NP Gunung Leuser between the rivers Sekelam and Sembelang. Help us to find and destroy poacher´s traps and their hideouts in order to protect unique fauna in ecosystem Leuser. You can join in for one, two or three day Tiger Trekking. The price includes full board, accommodation in provisional camps and local guides.
Become the guardian of Sumatran tigers.

SPECIAL TIGER PATROL TREKKING - you contact us: green.life@seznam.cz

3 days trekking - 120 USD

4 days trekking - 160 USD

5 days trekking - 200 USD

6 days trekking - 240 USD

Uniques of Batu Katak

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran tiger is critically endangered feline and is in danger of extinction. There are approximately 400 individuals left in the wild nature of Sumatra. Sumatran tiger can weigh up to 150kg and its territory is ca. 100 km². It prays mostly on deer and wild pigs. The NP Gunung Leuser is one of the last places where there is a chance of survival of this animal not only because the area of the national park is so extensive and inaccessible but also thanks to the cooperation of Green Life projects with local community in Batu Katak and the management of NPGL in Bohorok. Tigers are endangered by poachers for the purpose of traditional Chinese medicine. Poachers are tireless and keep placing steel traps all over the rainforest so it is necessary to trace them and destroy as many traps as possible.

Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran Elephant is also endangered and there are ca. 2000 individuals left on Sumatra. Adult elephant can weigh up to 5 tons. Only male elephants have tusks. Wild animals inhabit the area of Bohorok in basins of the rivers Sekelam and Berkail. Elephants are under thread of poachers because of business with ivory.

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran orangutan is the biggest ape in Asia and is under thread of extinction. This beautiful ape can weigh up to 90 kg and inhabits tropical rain forests of Sumatra. Female orangutans are smaller and take care of their offsprings during the period of 8 years. You can still find wild orang-utans living around Batu Katak. The population of Sumatran orang utans is threatened by illegal trade with pets and habitat loss.

Rafflesia arnoldii

It is a dream of every botanist to see this biggest flower on earth. The flower of Rafflesia arnoldii grows to a diameter of around one meter and weighs up to 11 kilograms. It is known for its smell of rotting flesh. It is attractive for flies which pollinate this rare plant. When Rafflesia is ready to reproduce a small bud in the size of a ping-pong ball occurs outside the root and slowly develops over the period of several months. It eventually grows to the size of a cabbage head, opens and reveals a beautiful reddish-brown flower. The flower lasts for about three days and rots away. Batu Katak offers two places where you can get a chance to observe Rafflesia whole year round. Make sure you ask about the current stage of the flower in advance.

Amorphophallus titanium

This gigantic flower can be up to 3 meters tall and it´s also known for the unpleasant smell of rotting flesh which attracts flies which pollinate it. The flower itself goes through several stages. First of all grows a few meters tall green stalk that branches into three sections at the top, each containing many leaflets. After a while it rots away and disappears. It is followed by slow growth of a gigantic flower which finally opens into unbelievable pistil with purple skirt around it. Batu Katak is the only place in the world where you can observe this flower.

Watter Cave

Batu Katak offers several marvellous limestone caves. One of the most interesting ones is the Watter cave. After one hour walk through plantations and splendid rainforest gorge you will reach the entrance into mysterious underground where you can spend ca. 2 hours walking around dark limestone hallways. You can come across crickets, frogs, spiders and even snakes. Most of the time you will have to wade through knee-deep river but at some spots the water might get up to your chest. There is a narrow muddy climb on your way out of the cave.

Rafting on the river Berkail

Great experience and a lot of fun! The river Berkail comes out of the NP Gunung Leuser and its water is crystal clear. Local guides will take you on board of their special Sumatran rafts made of truck tires and you will float together through rainforest valleys, gorges and plantations of caoutchouc. The journey ends in the Batu Katak village. The river is shallow and almost never reaches the depth of maximum two meters. During the rainy season it can get pretty wild but most of the year it is passable and safe.

Tiger house

Building of the Tiger House has begun in May 2015. The Tiger House is the first educational info centre which will concentrate on educating local children and public about the importance of the rainforest protection. Primarily we would like to focus on Sumatran tiger, which is the symbol of this area. The Tiger House will also be used as a private language school specializing in English lessons for local children and lessons of Indonesian language for foreign tourists. Part of this building will be dedicated to info centre, small environmental cinema and accommodation for volunteers and teachers. There are also going to be offices of Indonesian NGO Yayasan Hutan Untuk Anak and program “Friends of the Sumatran Tigers”.
The official opening is planned for 20.1.2016.


office in Czech republic - cooperator CZ:

Mr. Norbert Švarc - svarcnorbert@gmail.com / green.life@seznam.cz

office Tiger House - Batu Katak - Indonesia - cooperator INDONESIA:

Mrs Dona - FACEBOOK HP: +62 81 397 779 37, zhionnalidya@gmail.com